Talks given on several subjects relating to the area with a supporting visual presentation. These can be tailored to your needs but normally last for approximately 1hr.   They can be combined with walks and site visits. Some examples are:


'The Spanish Armada'  -                            The story of the Armada, why and how it came, the characters, and the Girona tragedy.

 'Saint Patrick in North Antrim'   -             Beyond the myth and to the person, and his rooted connections to North Antrim.

'The Norman Invasion of Ulster'   -           The story of  John de Courcy, his invasion and legacy in Ulster.

'The MacDonnell's of North Antrim' -      The arrival of the MacDonnells and their subsequent control of North Antrim.

'A Visual Journey of North Antrim'   -        A photographic journey with the varied histories and facts of each location.

'Some Famous Ulster Americans'    -        The local ancestral roots of  some famous Americans